Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Procrastination is the enemy of . . . everyone

So I oughtta be packing the house right now. I have a beautiful multitude of cardboard boxes just waiting--nay, aching--to be taped up and filled with all of my posessions. We even have a calendar, people. With things to DO on it. For each DAY.

A week after we printed it out, I am already behind.

And the sad part is, I'm not really doing anything in particular. Checking around the net, reading a bunch of blogs, eating, checking Salon, filling my brand new iPod mini with random songs, drinking Diet Coke (now flavored with Splenda!) . . . and that's about all.

*sigh*. I just hope my husband doesn't read this. Otherwise I am in BIG trouble.

1 comment:

Bra. said...

Dude...he's probably going to read it.