Monday, June 27, 2005

Mainely doing well

Get it, with the post title? Because I'm in...well, never mind.

It's been a long hiatus, because I have been working hard on getting the new HOUSE, that we BOUGHT, and then stripping wallpaper, painting, moving in, geting the WORST COLD KNOWN TO MAN, getting better, starting resident orientation, having the husband show up, also with THE WORST COLD KNOWN TO MAN, and then (on the same day, of course) having his PARENTS show up. At our house. That is filled with boxes and random decorations like, on the floor, and on shelves, and piled on corners. And then my best friend, who I have known since high school, also flew in from Ohio. On the same day.

I should really be rewarded for the fact that I have not: a) said anything mean or hurtful to anyone, b) shouted "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, EVERYONE," and c) cried. Instead I have been quite the hostess, running the dishwasher and blotting up cat vomit with ease and grace. Really, it's been lovely.

Chris is starting to get over his cold, but it's hanging on to him for MUCH longer than it did me, so he keeps having coughing fits that just go on and on and on, combined with the hacking up of loogies and spitting of loogies into kleenex and trash cans. And, sadly, these most frequently occur in the middle of the night. While I am sleeping. This makes me unhappy. And cranky.

I'm going to start feeling better soon, I just know it. Maine is pretty, I am meeting interesting people, and on Friday I get to start the Intern Year, known to all as the year of fun and excitement, as well as enlightenment and personal growth. (Not.) I'm pretty terrified, especially because I haven't done anything with psychiatry since last April. So there's that, too.

But everyone will hear about all this in times to come. Next time, stories about why I will NEVER take wallpaper off of walls again (my mom is a genius with the patience of Mother Teresa and the looks of Grace Kelly and Jackie O combined, no SERIOUSLY) and about how I can walk for five minutes from my house and be on the beach.

And p.s., the cats say hi to everyone.

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