Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rainy Days

We're in the middle of a big storm right now--everyone is calling it the first Nor'easter of the season. I like to think of it as the weather trying to mess up everyone's lives and remind us that it's bigger than we are. As if the hurricaines were not enough, in New England, we have to suffer....rain! Wind! And, in some parts of the state, Snow! At least I finally had the sense to start bringing my umbrella with me as I leave the house.

However, the crappy weather has been helping me to get more knitting done. I am working on a new afghan for the back of our couch. The cats threw up on the slipcover when we first got it (nice kitty) and so there's a spot on the back that we have to keep covered. The old afghan is navy blue, and while that was fine in the old house, where there were navy blue curtains in the windows, it's less good now. So I am making a tan one--knitting it, instead of crocheting. I found a really cool pattern from a book I picked up in Minnesota. The book purchase was funny because I was at a knitting store with my aunt and was looking through the discount section--as is my wont--when I found this book. It's all beat up, but hey, sale! Woo-hoo!!! I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but it's a bunch of patterns that are very much my style of knitting: all one color, with interesting stitch patterns or textures. I still haven't been able to bring myself to try intarsia, or multiple color knitting. (Though I'd better hop to it: the heirloom Christmas stocking that Grandma makes has about 15 colors in it, and the patterns has been passed on to me and another cousin for the future.)

Anyhow, the afghan is turning out very nicely. I'm proud of myself that I have been able to follow the pattern chart...they can be very intimidating when you first look at them, but with work and effort and reading the directions, success is achievable! Plus, it impresses the novice knitters when they come over to practice.

I'm finishing up my pair of red and black socks and will post photos of them soon. I just have to tear the computer from my husband's clutches...he has been playing World of Warcraft religiously, so I'll have to sneak in and use the computer while he's sleeping or something.

More soon!!!

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