Sunday, June 11, 2006

MY sockpal socks!!!

Received Sockpal Socks
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I got my sockpal socks! They were such a nice surprise during a loooong week (I started back to peds last week). They were made by a knitter in British Columbia named Ann, and they are just goregous. She picked a lovely hand-dyed yarn and worked them up really, really nicely. They feel great (and I might happen to have them on at exactly this moment). They fit perfectly and I'm happy happy happy.

She also sent an adorable teeny tiny book about knitting, and a pretty card with a woodcut picture of a salmon on the front of it--very Pacific-Northwest-y. Of course the fish reminded me that with all the rain we've been having lately, we may have to develop gills just to survive...

Thanks so much, Ann! Yay for new socks!!!

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