Sunday, April 29, 2007

My next big project

Fetus 12 weeks
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I've been sort of busy lately, with work and all, but Chris and I found time to work on another project that I think you're all really going to like. It's set to go live on November 7th, although there are a lot of us here at FetusHQ who are hopeful that we might be set to go a little earlier than that, although not too early, of course. We have found that if editions premiere too soon they can have a lot of bugs and well, it's just the best for all end-users if the project is seen through to completion.

So here's photographic (ultrasonographic) evidence of how the project is proceeding so far. We're happy to report that fingers were visualized, as was a heartbeat and lots of cute little fetal movements. Head to the right, hand above the head, and stomach to the left. Though we ARE hopeful that the final color scheme might be a little less monochromatic....

Anyhow, I'm feeling lots better now, and apparently (according to our midwife) the next 3 months will be the best I EVER feel, maybe in the rest of my life? So I'm looking forward to that.

So, yeah. Surprise!


Dragonfly said...

Have you had the "project" yet?

Dragonfly said...

How did Project Foetus go?