Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My First (wearable) Sweater

So, I finally did something with the HUGE spools of yarn that I've had for over a year. I made a sweater! I started with the "Hourglass Sweater" pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and then put on the sleeves and hood from Debbie Bliss' Simply Living book. I also fudged around with the number of stitches because my gague was a little off. But look how cute I am!!!

Otherwise, everything is fine. Chris is on a little vacation for the week, visiting some friends of his in the Pennsylvania-Maryland area...and for anyone watching The Amazing Race this season, yes, Pennsylvania IS a state. My aunt and I would know that...we continue to insist that we would kick ass on TAR. And we are sooooo right, until of course I got all worn out and started to cry a lot. As I do.

I'm working on a cabled afghan for the back of the couch now, and I'm also finishing up a pair of socks at work. I've ALSO been named the Webmistress of our residency program's website (along with Important Major Consultant, My Husband) so I've gotta get cracking on that as well. Hope everyone on the internets is doing well.

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Momster said...

Very nice sweater . . . bet it has a crafty hood for cold nights, too!