Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New and improved, with knitting content!

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Thank you Sara for your nice comment! (that would be my first non-family member comment... how special!) Sara has a good point: WHERE THE HECK IS ALL THIS TALK ABOUT KNITTING? Well, she said it nicer than that. But she is right. Where is the knitting content?

Well, here are the first pair of socks that I made. They are self-patterning yarn, made using the toe-up design from Knitty. I wear them on call. Last week, when I was on call and wearing them, my attending doctor asked me, "hey, did you make those?" "Yes," I replied, "do you like them?" And, because he is a jerk, he said "No." (grrr.) But he was kidding, and *I* like them! I am currently working on sock #2 from the pattern in the Winter 2004 Interweave Knits, Retro-Rib Socks. They are so handy to carry to lectures and Grand Rounds.

I am also working on a pretty afghan, and a basic garter-stitch scarf and hat set for one of the other interns. He is from Nepal and for some reason has no winter clothes.

Once the husband comes back from vacation (he has the digital camera), I'll take some more photos of Finished Objects. Keep tuning in!!!

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