Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sockpal Socks

Sockpal Socks
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They are finally done! I finished them two nights ago, and didn't get around to photographing them until today. (Allow me to digress briefly about how NICE a LOT of the knitting photography on other peoples' blogs is. And how challenging it's been for me to take partially nice photos. Part of the challence is the built-in flash on my camera. When I am close enough to get the interesting details in my knitting, esp. in macro mode, the flash just washes out all the color. I'm looking at external flashes for my camera now. It's getting to that point where I really notice the performance of the flash. So it results in me feeling inadequate about posting knitting photos. Anyway.)

So the socks are done, and done BEFORE the deadline, which I must say is pretty impressive for a busy intern! Fortunately socks are just the right kind of project for me, they are easy to transport and not too obvious to work on during grand rounds and lectures. Also, people fuss over them, which is nice. I hope my sockpal loves her socks! They have lots of knowledge knitted in.

Now I have to find a few "goodies" to include with the package, and it will be ready to be sent off!

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